A developer has created a Prince of Bel-Air more dramatic, and it is “brilliant” !

Will is a teenager in the slums of Philadelphia, sent for his uncle and aunt in Los Angeles. In a large house in Bel-Air young man, a fan of Rap and basketball, will discover a world very different from his own.

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Morgan Cooper is a young director who grew up, like many young americans, with the Prince of Bel-Air as a reference. In his version, that is definitely more dark, the young Will finds himself catapulted into this world of lust after trouble with the law. “Bel-Air is a reinterpretation of this incredible story, which was implemented in 2019.” explains its director. An interpretation of the series that was enjoyed by the performer to be original since it has held a meeting with the young director to talk about his project.

Validated by the Prince himself : “Brilliant”

The video has made the rounds of the internet in barely a month, and Will Smith was keen to meet his creator. In a video for his Youtube channel, the actor talks with Morgan Cooper about his inspirations. “This incident (the arrest editor’s note) took place during the year before the last of Will’s in high school, Luke throws the ball to a group of gangster. This is the beginning of the fight.” In this video, Will Smith returns to his life as a young actor, and the origins of the show. “ I moved on and started Fresh Prince and all of my friends ended up in prison or dead. The exit door that I have found in real life, was the same as that of the series.”

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If the adventure stops there for the young director, the story testifies to the reach of social networks. “What is exciting is this new medium that is Youtube. I am fascinated by this new way that humans interact” marveled at Will Smith.