A do-it-yourselfer changes its robot vacuum cleaner he screams when he knocks

Michael Reeves is a developer rather ingenious that the challenges that it is launching its community on YouTube. And who said internet, said ideas are bound to be a little crazy. It is this time attacked with his robot Roomba vacuum cleaner so that it looks more…alive.

Sensors of this type of device may be more sophisticated, they are still coming often hit against furniture and other obstacles that are scattered around the house. Its followers have, therefore, requested to modify his to screams of pain during shock. He obviously did not have this in mind initially, but he yielded to please its subscribers.

So he emptied a part of the electronics contained in his vacuum cleaner to incorporate a Raspberry Pi (the friend of the developers of the world), a radio transmitter, an optical sensor and a speaker. He then connected the sensors to the nano-computer to play an audio file during a collision.

It uses computer voices at first, but then makes a call to friends to save cries much more realistic. He will then test his invention in a supermarket, and the least we can say is that the result is ready to smile. As strange as it may seem, it feels a lot more concerned by the pain of the little robot when it loose insanities very human. But would you be willing to hear all day ?

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