A month of Ramadan, to be reborn in the world, through spirituality.

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Ramadan, a month of light, introspection and deepening of his faith. To become an exemplary citizen through the fulfilment of his faith, the enrichment of his life, the abundance of his relations with others in the elevation of his aspirations.

The Muslim community of Reunion Island, as well as that of Metropolitan France, will begin next week, God willing, the month of Ramadan, a new spring for our faith. This month is a month of sharing, forgiveness and spiritual progress.

As a result of the Christian community, we will enter this glorious period of Lent or fasting, a month that challenges us about our finitude and where we must be asked, by itself, the finality of our actions. During this precious time, this time of abstinence, this time of vigilance, like the SAP redistributed in the tree, faith regenerates itself at the same time as the believer is thus called to a true spiritual metamorphosis.

This month of Remembrance is an unparalleled opportunity for the illumination of hearts, the abandonment of beings to spiritual rebirth and their dedication to ritual discipline. Plunged into the bath of fraternal communion of beings by the scrupulous fulfilment of rites, Ramadan, for the believer, becomes, in the space of a month, the school of humility in action. Individually called to reflect on the meaning of existence, the believer strives for the permanent education of his soul and the constant elevation of his aspirations. Fasting is a strong symbol, a path to the Divine, a striking call to coherence between word and action, a harmonious convocation between being and appearing.  We have to leave appearances, to cultivate our inner being. We must give soul to our words, so that out of them, courteous speeches may spring, reviving the prophetic tradition in all its splendour and truthfulness.

Abstinence, beyond its privative dimension, is a strong symbol that incites the believer to drink spiritual nourishment, night and day, relativizing the importance of his worldly concerns. This state of abstinence invites each one of us to dedicate our being, energy and time to return to God in the journey of our life.
This month is incarnated according to 3 axes (knowledge-Love-improvement), concretizing itself in the conjugation of 3 actions (believe-adore-Pray) which translate 3 fundamental desires (understand-Act-progress).

Thus, in the light of what is happening in the world, from the spiral of episodic collective violence to the overstepping of man's desire to enslave his peers, knowledge can only be an inescapable duty and an imperative necessity. Because a being that knows is a being guided by the spiritual light, a being that believes in eternity that understands the meaning of its existence, a being imbued with self-awareness is a being that never hurts the other.

As for the second dimension of this month in which the revelation of the Koran began, namely love, it becomes all the more central in our lives because the words saturate us so much and whose beings dry up, however, from this primordial ink. Love for God is such a powerful lock that it should develop in us the attention for good and discourage any will to accomplish evil to our own detriment or to the detriment of others.  And love for God can only be shown through worship. But to worship his Lord is no more and no less than to act according to his will. And, the Lord urges the Muslims to behave in the noblest manner in all circumstances. To depart from this basic exhortation is to fail our faith. In doing so, human nature being unstable, this month of the promise of Divine Absolution is also an opportunity to approach its third dimension.

In fact, we do not cease to vary in the reality of our faith, and life is thus made, that circumstances confront us, undoubtedly and incessantly, with the consistency of the strength of our testimony of love for God. This is why our work of spiritual improvement can only be done if our consciousness takes root in knowledge, if that consciousness finds the fullness of its expression in the power that comes from love for God. Thus, our perfecting refers us to the careful examination of our own defects and the innumerable asperities of our character. This introspective work refers us to probing our internals, to always be vigilant, to never bring anyone into disrepute, to constantly see ourselves small, to rid ourselves of all harmful behaviour towards others if our temperament is still inhabited by this spiritual influence that is to lead us to rid ourselves of any atom of pride in order to give birth to paradise in the very course of our earthly existence.

What characterizes us as a Muslim, therefore, is prayer, an act that consecrates the full devotion of believers to God, an act of abandonment to God for all our difficulties, an act that advances us in the path of penitents, an act of recognition of the exclusive sovereignty of the divine over the course of our existence, and an act of devotion, the abandonment of which renders our faith null and void. And he who is conscious of God and his presence becomes, with time, a sweet, pleasant and easy-going being. It is in this that lies the secret of our faith and the simplicity of our journey of life on Earth, Ramadan or not. To embellish one's life is to improve oneself with time and to act in the sole quest for the absolute, the ultimate reward, the encounter with our Creator.

Good Ramadan to all & all, friendships to all our fellow citizens from France and overseas.

For Ramadan 2019, Moroccans set the record straight


During the month of Ramadan, to make life easier for the fasting people, Morocco will go back to GMT time. During the night from Saturday to Sunday, Moroccans will have to put their watches back an hour.
As the beginning of the month of Ramadan 2019 approaches, the Moroccan Ministry of administrative and Civil Service Reform has its work cut out for it. For all the kingdom will live to the rhythm, a little particular, of the month of Ramadan: the ministry has indeed just indicated that in the night from Saturday to Sunday, the Moroccans will have to delay their clock by one hour. The Cherifian Kingdom will now have two hours of difference with Madrid or Paris.

A change that occurs only a few months after the passage to winter time is cancelled by decree. A decree which provided for "the permanent maintenance of summertime" in the kingdom without specifying what would be the case for Ramadan. Moroccan citizens were a little tired of changing four times each year — in October for winter time, in March For Summer Time, and at the beginning and end of Ramadan. The decree then assured that a return to GMT time was possible.

Authorities want an inclusive Ramadan”

From May 5, the beginning of Ramadan, operation Ramadan Dubai offers all residents, regardless of their nationality and religion, a series of events focused on the theme of tolerance.

The Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department (Iacad) announced the first edition of Ramadan Dubai, the Emirati daily Khaleej Times reports. During this sacred month, activities will be offered throughout the city. The theme chosen for this year is “Compassion and coexistence”.

The authorities want to make Ramadan Dubai an "inclusive event", aimed at all residents, regardless of their nationality and religion. The goal: to explain to all the traditions of Ramadan and its celebrations across countries and cultures.

“Peaceful Coexistence, respect and acceptance of others”

At a press conference, the Iacad director general and Chairman of the Ramadan Dubai senior committee, Hamad Al-Shaibani, presented the programme in the presence of many government officials and media representatives.

 He placed the event under the sign of tolerance :

The holy month of Ramadan is the most appropriate month for inculcating the value of tolerance towards different religions through peaceful coexistence, respect and acceptance of others.”

The proposed animations will allow” people of different faiths and nationalities "to establish ties “giving them a fair idea of what the values and customs of Islam are and showing them that Islam is moderate, free from violence and extremism, a religion that advocates acceptance and peaceful coexistence rather than rejecting them”.

The committee has planned educational and interactive activities : the dissemination of documentaries on The Life Of The Prophet, "dialogues of the Iftar" (the dinner taken at sunset during the month of Ramadan) on religious issues, artistic workshops on the Koran and Arabic calligraphy in the main shopping centers of Dubai, exhibitions to promote diversity and pluralism…

On the 19th day of Ramadan, a special event will take place to commemorate the death of Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan, founder of the United Arab Emirates.