A more beautiful life, a death to the Mistral : a character is going to commit suicide !

New coup de theatre in a More beautiful life ! The followers of the famous series of France 3 could well see the start of a new character. In fact, according to the information of Stars-Actu, commissioner Anne Olivieri, a character camped by the actress Marie Daguerre, will disappear soon from our screens.

The Mistrathe risk of being upset, and for good reason ! As indicated by our colleagues, Anne Olivieri will put an end to his days in the upcoming episodes of Plus belle la vie ! It is under the eyes of the one she loves passionately for the past two years, Patrick Nebout – interpreted by Jérôme Bertin, that she will commit suicide. A scene in shock that viewers will learn about the may 15 on France 3, during the airing of the episode 3798.

Recall that recently, commissioner Anne Olivieri, anxious to avenge the coma of his brother, Stan, had spent a ploy to send the commander Nebout in prison. She had pushed the young Kevin to denounce his colleague about a fake theft of sealed. Finally, the survey will show that Anne Olivieri is the origin of the whole affair, and Patrick Nebout will be free. Only, the guilty will not be punished because we are already dead at this point of the plot !

Commissioner Anne Olivieri, who was the head of the commissariat, had named Ariane Hersant, played by Lola Marois-Bigard, as the second. When she suicidera, the ex-lover of Jean-Paul Boher should resume the functions of his girlfriend. Case to follow…