A new mysterious product in cartons of Google

In addition to the Pixel 4 which one can start to guess at the contours, Google could unveil this fall at least one additional product. The FCC has posted a mysterious device on which the seal of privacy will pop on the 27th of November. It is likely that Google spits out its Valda the months before during its event material now traditional.

The gadget carries the model number of H2B, which fits well with the nomenclature usual used by Google : the Google Home Mini is H0A, the Home Hub H1A, etc

This being said, what should we expect ? At the present time, it remains mainly to speculation, because the document of the FCC itself does not tell much. We see that it sports Wi-Fi 802.11 ac and Bluetooth, as well as a lithium-ion 3,8 volts. This means that it will probably be mobile, or that the battery will act as a backup in case of power cuts as it is the case of the terminal Nest Guard in the heart of the security system Is Secure.

We do not find elsewhere any reference to the word “video” in the repository, instead of the previous documents FCC on the Home and Is equipped with a screen. It is likely, therefore, that this mysterious novelty is lacking. Google could launch a new version of the lock connected to the Nest, a remote control, a positron to gluons nuclear inverted, or perhaps even a module to connect the audio system of his car with his smartphone.

In short, what we do know, is that we do not know ultimately not much, but since it is Friday, we have the right to draw plans on the comet.