Abdellatif Kechiche and the sex scene “non-simulated” : Cannes ignites

Words that remind us of the conditions of filming of The Life of Adele. The two actresses Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos had not belied the pressure of the producer to get the perfect scene : first at the Daily Beast where they have declared that they no longer want to work with him again, and then the Magazine First , which they have described in detail the conditions of a filming which proved to be a traumatic experience, or even an ordeal. They had however taken care to specify that the filmmaker was a “beautiful person” and that he had sacrificed himself for the needs of the film, but the controversy has spread, the director is attacking, and more specifically Léa Seydoux at the microphone of the journalist of Canal+ and i-Télé Ramzy Malouki : “If Leah was not born in cotton, she would never have said that. […] She was not able to get into the role. I extended the shoot for her. Léa Seydoux is part of a system that does not want me, because I mind.”

But what is it Ophelia Bau this time ? The actress, nominated for César for his performance in the first part of Mektoub My Love, was not present for the photocall, nor for the press conference which followed the 24 may. In both parts of this ode to the desire stretching on for several hours, she plays Ophelia, a young woman callipyge and sensual, filmed in all the seams by the director. Mektoub My Love : Intermezzo is a experience of 3: 28 a.m. radical to overdose, of which three quarters takes place in a nightclub. Several spectators have left the auditorium during the official screening reports AFP, including Ophelia Bau, who was no longer there when the lights turned back on.

I really find your questions and internally displaced fools

During the press conference, when a reporter from AFP asked about the absence of the actress main as well as on theinvestigation of sexual assault of which it is the subject, the filmmaker responds : “I really find your questions and internally displaced fools. It is in a film festival, we party, we talk about cinema. Issues unhealthy that you’re asking are out of date. I made my film in response to this spirit of unhealthy that emerges out of this time.” As for the actors, they all stayed silent at the request of the filmmaker, the questions are not directed in any way to him.

With his new film mes, Abdellatif Kechiche leaves no one indifferent. The Face of the attacks, a point of view clash, one of Ovidie. On Twitter, the former porn star writes : “It is still funny that you issue not the assumption that if Ophelia Bau has pulled out of Cannes, it is precisely to escape all this frenzy in the media and all these violent attacks around the film.