Aerial : the aerial views of tvOS display better on Macs with multiple displays

Aerial, this is a small utility that allows you to enjoy the aerial views of the Apple TV on your Mac, is now available in version 1.5.0. Several big new features in this update (which will automatically install thanks to Sparkle), to start by a better support of multi-monitor setup.

We would go the day before.

The tab Displays settings very provided of the tool allows you to choose a screen saver specific for each of the monitors ; an option Spanned also appeared to display the same video in the widescreen format on their screens. It is even possible to change the margins, horizontal and vertical for stall saver at best between the monitors. The result has a lot of style on the desktop.

The other major case of this version, 1.5.0, is that we can now use its own videos as screensavers. A manager Custom Videos, available in the toothed wheel of the tab options Videos, you can add a folder containing videos. This is still pretty rudimentary for the moment, but it works, and you can even point out key points in the videos.

In short, it is difficult to find more complete at the present time for those who appreciate the screen savers of tvOS (that is to say, everyone). Aerial is free, and only in English.