After a year ” difficult “, “Free” presents his plan to bounce

Free has still lost subscribers in the first quarter of 2019. Compared to the end of last year, they are 50 000 less in the park mobile and 16, 000 in the least on the fixed. And this in spite of the launch of the Freebox Delta and the Freebox One in December.

The parent company Iliad prefers to see the glass half full, indicating that the number of subscribers to fiber and 4G go a little bit, as the average revenue per subscriber (ARPU). The group’s turnover increased by 7.7 %, whereas it had almost no progress in the previous quarter, but the situation in France is not so brilliant as that. Without taking into account the activity in Italy or income of Jaguar Network, a company acquired recently, the turnover rose by only 0.2% in france.

The sales of the Player of the Freebox Delta have done a 30% increase in revenue related to the equipment, but the effect is still marginal on the overall revenue.

Iliad can only recognize it, the year 2018 has been ” difficult “ and 2019 do not begin on the hats of wheels. In this context, the operator has presented a plan, called Odyssey 2024 (that throws), who should ” open a new cycle of growth and innovation. “

This plan includes four pillars. The first is the strengthening of the status of the first alternative operator in FTTH (behind Orange) by offering efficient, speeding up deployment and optimizing the commercial aspect. The goal is to have 2 million subscribers to fibre by 2020 and 4.5 million by 2024.

The second pillar, become the first alternative operator in mobile. Free plans for a 4G / 5G are more than 25 000 sites in the horizon 2024, as well as more than 80 % of subscribers on its package 4G unlimited at the same maturity (compared with 58 % today). The operator also intends to be more aggressive on the market of the “subsidizing” phones.

The third pillar is the strengthening of the activity at the destination of the enterprise — where the acquisition of Jaguar Network — and the latest is Italy, where Iliad has launched in the last year. The main lines are set for the years to come, remains to be seen how all this will come to fruition.