Agathe Auproux : New head and new apartment in Paris

It is a message of hope to all the women who, like her, are battling cancer. The inconvenience caused by the chemotherapy are numerous, but only need to remove nothing to the joy of life and the determination to fight everyday. A woman of character, Agathe Auproux proves once again, that it attacks the cancer with determination.

The columnist of the Balance of Your Post has revealed in its latest posts Instagram a new wig blue, accompanied by a caption : “The earth is blue like an orange, and as me as a result.” Only some internet savvy will recognize the poetry of Paul Eluard, love, and poetry.

Regarding the bold choice of her wig, Agathe added : “I fear to die for your feedback. But I love her too.” But as usual, its followers validate the choice of the columnist tv : “You’re really beautiful.”, “You’re just sublime Agatha…you look a delight. You are a beauty…wow”, “looks like a heroine from a manga ( Akira or Ghost in the shell for example ) beautiful and deadly.”

Adept at Lace wigs and wigs since the beginning of his chemotherapy, Agathe Auproux thank the salon Hair Luxury that has a lot of help to get through this test : “Thank you thank you thank you @hairluxuryparis. Undoubtedly, the best. Wigs, extensions, hair. Go to the suiiiivre, they were able to give me the smile. A real one.”

The pretty brunette also shared to his fans a good news is that she has finally found her new apartment in Paris ! His fans were able to make a real private tour of his apartment.