Agathe Auproux sexy in a bikini : pictures of its a perfect holiday in Greece

Just back to Paris after her trip to Miami, Agathe Auproux is already allocated ! It is under the sunshine of Corfu, a beautiful Greek island, that the columnist Cyril Hanouna in Balance your post (C8) basks. On Instagram, she shared with her followers pretty pictures of his stay.

Full ride by boat on the Ionian sea, Agathe Auproux appeared sexy in a bikini. The pretty brunette 27-year-old unveiled sunglasses screwed on the nose, the silhouette molded in a two-piece swimsuit color green, and long white kimono transparent. “When I was told that the color of the water is more beautiful than that of my jersey (and reason), “she wrote in the caption of this photo.

In the wake of this, the best be the enemy of Kelly Vedovelli, with whom she was in Touch not my post (C8), has shared other pictures of the same series in story on the social network. Full ride on the sand or even sensual on a rock, Agathe Auproux sensation ! His fans have indeed been many to the compliment for these lovely photos.