Alain Delon : All smiling despite the controversy he will receive his prize at Cannes

Regardless of the gloomy weather and regardless of the criticism, Alain Delon is particularly proud to receive, may 19, a Palm of honour. The actor’s 83-year-old took part in a photocall for the opportunity, before climbing the stairs at the end of the day and to receive his award from the hands of his cherished daughter. He has also participated in a master class.

Seven times in competition, but never rewarded, the actor with the legendary Cheetah Alain Delon is about to receive her first prize at the Cannes film Festival, which will award an honorary Palme d’or despite a petition and protests of women’s associations. The icon of the French cinema of the decades 1960 and 1970 will receive in the evening this Palm for the whole of his career from the hands of his daughter and actress Anouchka Delon , as we have recently learned that he had made her his executrix. Of what not to improve his relationships with his other children

If this Palm, after those discounts to Jean-Paul Belmondo or Jean-Pierre Léaud appears as a reward late for this sacred monster of the cinema, however, it has sparked controversy even before the start of the Festival. Feminists have accused the actor of being “racist, homophobic and misogynist, “according to the terms of the association of american Women and Hollywood, based on statements he made in the past. A petition, which has collected more than 25 000 signatures, asked at Cannes for “do not honor“. What had annoyed Thierry Frémaux, the general delegate of the Festival.

Alain Delon has swept the accusations, taking the word in the JDD and has accused his critics of having “invented statements“. Thus, concerning the accusations against his remarks, he said : “I am not against gay marriage, I don’t care : people do what they want. But I am against adoption by two persons of the same sex (…) I said that I had slapped a woman ? Yes. And I should add that I’ve received slaps that I did not have to data. In my life, I have never harassed a woman“.

Thomas Montet