Alain Delon and his legacy : “My daughter is the executrix”

Catherine Ceylac has been entitled to an interview without filter with Alain Delon, for the magazine Gala that it made the cover. A few days of his tribute with great fanfare at the Cannes film Festival on may 19, 2019, the icon French is delivered as ever, referring in particular to his family and the future. At the age of 83, he isn’t afraid to talk about sensitive topics such as business succession.

Alain Delon preparing for the future, but not with anyone : “This is my daughter [Anouchka] that will be the executrix. She knows, even if she doesn’t like to talk about it. She believes me immortal. This will be her and nobody else. Not only that, she has my trust, my love, but she knows what she wants and what she is doing. At the age of 28, it is well !” Very close to’Anouchka Delon, actor of the theatre, he will receive his Palme d’honneur from the hands of his daughter, with whom he will mount the steps. This is not the first time that he will do it because she was at his side in 2007 for his first time on the Croisette, and then in 2010. In addition, his youngest son, Alain-Fabien Delon, he also an actor, had confided to Point of view this year : “In his eyes, I have the impression that the next generation is more embodied by my sister.”

One thing is certain for Alain Delon, he doesn’t want his death divides his heirs : “I do everything for that didn’t happen. I would not want my children to tear as the Hallyday. I prepare everything in time. It should not be taken by surprise. Everything will be settled before my death, that like it or not. If I didn’t, this would be a tear, a war between them, I’m sure.” However, it states that its ownership of Douchy in Loiret, “will” before him : “Nobody will have the means to support Douchy.

Read the full interview in the magazine Gala on may 16, 2019