Alain Delon imperial with his daughter Anouchka : Tears and pride at Cannes

This is one of the highlights of the 72nd Festival de Cannes : the discount this Sunday, may 19, 2019 to the honorary Palme d’or to Alain Delon very moved. The sacred monster of the cinema has received, from the hands of his daughter Anouchka (28 years old), his trophy for his whole career despite the protests of women’s associations. In tears, he thanked the audience to which he wished to say goodbye. Before mounting the steps of the Palais des festivals, the actor’s 83-year-old who loves both the bathroom crowd had long welcomed the public and signed a few autographs. Earlier in the day, he had given a masterclass, during which he spoke of his love for cinema and his pride for having had such a beautiful career, under the direction of leading directors.

A long time ago that I do not have as chialé“, confessed the French star, the face reddened by emotion, to thunderous applause. In a packed room in the presence of the minister of Culture, Franck Riester, the Festival’s president Pierre Lescure and general delegate Thierry Frémaux, the public was invited to wear a badge with the word “star”, recalling the one he had hanging on the back of his jacket at Cannes in 2007.

Tonight, it is a bit of a posthumous tribute, but in my lifetime, has commented on the caption of the movie controversial. I am going to leave, but I will not go without a thank you.” “If I’m a star, and that’s why I want to thank you, it is the public that I have and no one else“, he added, noting that he also thought of two women of his life, the actors Mireille Darc and Romy Schneider.

My daughter, my battle

A little earlier, the icon of the French cinema of the 60’s and 70’s had walked the red carpet of Cannes to the sound including the music of the Sicilian Clan by Henri Verneuil. On his jacket, a badge representing the cover of the magazine Paris Match , from the birth of his beloved daughter, whose mother is Rosalie Van Breemen. The young woman became an actress of the theatre appeared sublime on the stairs in her dress Elie Saab, on which she was first placed with its companion Julien Dereims. The Cheetah is very close to her younger, less than his two son, Alain-Fabien and Anthony.

Moreover, it is with Anouchka he said in Gala and prepare for the future : “This is my daughter, who will be the executrix. She knows, even if she doesn’t like to talk about it. She believes me immortal. This will be her and nobody else. Not only that, she has my trust, my love, but she knows what she wants and what she is doing. At the age of 28, it is well !” The duo had already appeared side-by-side in Cannes : in 2007, for the first time the cute brunette on the Croisette, and then in 2010. The youngest of the star, he also an actor, had also entrusted to Point of view this year : “In his eyes, I have the impression that the next generation is more embodied by my sister.”

Cannes : I love you me neither

If he has agreed to receive the Palme d’honneur, Alain Delon has always maintained relationships busy with the Cannes film Festival. He came for the last time on the Croisette in 2013 for the screening of a restored copy of Plein Soleil by René Clément, after having introduced in 2010 a version also restored the Cheetah. But before that, the comedian in character shady had shunned for ten years the Festival, vexed not to have been invited to the celebrations for the 50th anniversary in 1997.

Alain Delon came in competition at Cannes for the first time in 1961 for What a joy it is to live by René Clément, and then for The Eclipse by Michelangelo Antonioni in 1962, the Prize of the jury, and Thee Leopard by Luchino Visconti, golden Palm 1963. But in 1976, Mr. Klein Joseph Losey had been coldly received, causing a first fâcherie.