Alexia Laroche-Joubert : His mother, support infallible after the death of her husband

On the occasion of the release of her memoirs of a war reporter, A woman at the front (ed Cherche Midi), Martine Laroche-Joubert has given a new interview to the magazine Gala, in this may 9, 2019. An interview in duo as his daughter, Alexia Laroche-Joubert, joined the conversation to talk about the support unfailing of his mother, even when she is at the end of the world in full action.

This is a real mom. And a grand-mother, great. When my husband died, the father of my eldest daughter, she was in Baghdad, remembered the producer of 49 years. I called in the middle of the night and the permanence of his writing, it was crossed with the dangers that might be supposed to join me immediately.” In the summer of 2003, as he left a restaurant to moto, Yan-Philippe Blanc, ex-boss of the label, Mercury, and president of Warner Music France, was the victim of a road accident at only 39 years old. Their daughter, Solveig, was then a year.