Alexia (Top Chef 2019) eliminated : “I haven’t felt much”

After 13 weeks of competition, Alexia has been eliminated from Top Chef season 10 (M6) to the doors of the final which will be played between William and Samuel. Exclusively for Purepeople.comthe candidate placed by the brigades of Hélène Darroze and Jean-François Piège is a book on his adventure.

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What have you felt at the time of the verdict ?
At the time I didn’t feel great thing. I take a little time to cash in. But I admit that it has taken a few weeks before getting better. It is true that it was a hard blow. I poorly managed my semi-final, it is life, it is like that.

How do you live the fact to be eliminated on your own test, at the gates of the final ?
It is hard work ! It happened to Victor last year, I think it’s a bit of a bias when it comes to risk in the tests. I didn’t want to do something in the facility. Is it that it was the right time to take risks ? Perhaps not, but I don’t regret in any case my choice.

What has been the most beautiful moment of your adventure ?
I would say that is my qualification for the semi-final !

What was the most difficult moment for you ?
Ca I think this is my defeat. From the gates of the final…

A few weeks ago, you are injured. What have you had ?
Yes, I had 5 stitches, I went to the hospital. After that I was pretty low, in particular in the event of the Michelin guide. I was no longer sure of my abilities. But after the ordeal with Yannick Alléno I was reboostée and it made me want to go to the end.

How did you experience your first television experience ?
Super well ! I loved the adventure of Top Chef. I have a lot of luck, I stumbled on journalists nice, everything was awesome.

Some of your friends like Ibrahim, have criticised the editing… What do you think ?
For me, the editing was very well done. Personally I recognize myself 100% to the screen. I do not see anything that would have been fitted incorrectly… I have not experienced the same thing as him I think.

Have you kept in contact with your chefs Hélène Darroze and Jean-François Piège ?
I have already contacted Hélène Darroze text and reviewed Jean-François Piège at the outside. Apart from that, you can’t say that we are in regular contact. They are busy, I’m not going to bother. But we keep good relations.

Florian said in the interview that you had been able to take advantage of his help and that your attitude had subsequently changed. He also spoke of “dirt” on your part. Do you know where it is coming from ?
I can’t tell you more because I’m not even aware of it, I don’t know what he’s talking about. We continued to talk after the adventure, he had sent me messages in relation to the work. It is not especially close to but there has never been a text message mean or anything. For me there is no problem with Florian.

On social networks, users are sometimes a bit hard… What do you have to respond to the criticisms ?
I try not to go on the social networks. So the criticisms don’t affect me.

Who do you support as a candidate for the final ?
I support both, I think they each have their place. They both have a different approach to cuisine and I found that they each have their chance

What are you doing today ?
I open a restaurant at the end of August in the Marais, in Paris. It will be open in the evening, small plates focused on the plants, the fish, with influences from everywhere. The restaurant will be called Datsha, it means home in Russian. The idea is that people living in this house, they eat at the restaurant, they drink a glass… That they have the feeling that there is no need to go elsewhere.

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