Ali MacGraw, fashion icon Chanel 80 years of age : His beautiful story with the house

It is a beautiful love story that lasts between Ali MacGraw and Chanel !

In 1968, the american actress revealed in the cult Love Story (1970), now a star of social networks, was the muse of the bath products N°5 while she was a fashion stylist novice. Through this campaign, his career in film immediately began. “It was at the end of the 1960s and, after having started at Harper’s Bazaar alongside of Diana Vreeland, I was hired as a stylist for the fashion photographer Melvin Sokolsky, she confided to our colleagues from It, this week. One day, Kitty d’alessio, who worked for Chanel, in the United States, asked Melvin if I was free to play models and go take photos over the weekend in Puerto Rico. He said yes, and it was, therefore, shot this campaign for the bath products Chanel N°5. This ad was everywhere in the drug stores of New York. This is how an agent, Marty Davidson, I was spotted, and it all started.

Forty years later, the former wife of the producer Robert Evans and actor Steve McQueen found his luxury home in the heart and becomes, at the age of 80, the face of the watch J12 already iconic. Ali MacGraw has given of his person for this new campaign to discover here. It is in a video in black and white, signed by the photographer Brigitte Lacombe, the actress octogenarian is on a stage. In less than a minute, she looks back on the highlights of his career and his life. The model then looks at the watch J12 she represents : “of Course, a watch needs to tell time if you are obsessed with the time. But, I’ve always considered it as a special jewel.

It should be noted that Ali MacGraw sharing this campaign with Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Vanessa Paradis, Keira Knightley or Lily-Rose Depp. Egérie dedicated, Ali MacGraw was obviously made in the fashion show Chanel Cruise Collection 2020 at the Grand Palais, on may 3, 2019. She had taken the pose with the model Caroline de Maigret and actress Anna Mouglalis.