Alyssa Milano wants to launch a “strike of a sex”

Alyssa Milano has always been committed to causes he took to heart during his career. Of migrant children incarcerated far from their parents until the movement #MeToo, theformer star of Charmed has always been able to use his popularity wisely. On may 11, 2019, she posted a photo on Twitter, declaring his opposition to a law against abortion on the verge of being passed in the State of Georgia. Written by a government ultraconservateur, the text would prohibit any abortion once the heartbeat of the fetus is detected, either very early in the course of the pregnancy.

On Twitter, Alyssa Milano has, therefore, asked the women to follow his “strike of a sex“. “Our reproductive rights are in the process of being deleted. Until women have a legal control of their own body, we simply cannot risk being pregnant. JOIN ME by not making the love until we have our autonomy. I call for a #GrèveDuSexe“, she wrote on Twitter. A message that has been received with mixed reactions, and other very positive.

For the past few weeks, several personalities have expressed their displeasure over this law anti-ABORTION. This is the case of Busy Philipps (Dawson) who told her abortion when she was 15 years old on a tv tray. This proposed law, anti-abortion, was signed in early may by Brian Kemp, the governor is very conservative from Georgia. It would prohibit any abortion upon detection of the heartbeat of the fetus, which occurs around six weeks of pregnancy, before some women know they are pregnant. Considered medically inappropriate by many gynecologists, this law is nicknamed the “heart-Beat” has already been passed in Mississippi, Ohio and Kentucky this year.