Amazon adds a command Alexa to delete his audio recordings

Amazon is trying to add voice commands to Alexa to facilitate the removal of the voice recordings performed by a speaker. The query still does not seem to be available in French, it should be of the type ” Alexa, erases all that I have said today “. Later, another command that will remove what has just been said.

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Until then Amazon could remove these bits of conversation with his assistant from the application or from its site, but not with the same ease. On the site, we may remove all or part of these elements at once, whereas in the app it is only one by one.

Both on the site and in the app Alexa (Settings > Account Alexa > History) you can listen to few seconds of the audio recording that followed the outbreak of Alexa.

This is where it will be seen that each time the wizard goes off by mistake, a recording of about 5 seconds is stored before Alexa realized that no order was intended. This is the drawback of having “Alexa” as a key word, compatible speakers Amazon have an annoying tendency to respond to a yes or no. Even a noise, the sound close to “Alexa”, is enough to activate them.

This evolution of the Alexa is in the sense of a response to recent criticism on access to these records by employees of Amazon (read The human ears of Alexa have access to the addresses of users). But this cleaning is requested by the user, for it to be really useful, must be done entirely without the rest of the crumbs.

A few days ago, Amazon had explained to CNET that it had also a text transcript of the capture audio, and this last remained in some of its servers :

When a client deletes an audio recording, we remove our systems Alexa main, and several dependencies, the text transcription thereof, which is associated to the customer account.

However, other servers could keep a copy of these data. So they were erased… but not completely. “We have a work in progress for the delete sub-systems the remaining , “added Amazon.