Amel Bent, the back with Tomorrow : “as long as I can put a roof on my head”

After you take out the effective first single If you ask, a harbinger of his comeback (his sixth disc studio, Tomorrow, will be released on may 17, 2019), Amel Bent has been chained by offering the public the title Nothing in a duo with the rapper Alonzo. The singer of 33 years has worked hard to regain his place in the music industry, five years after the release of the disc Instinct, and it has even scheduled a tour that is going to take a little away from her girls. Fortunately, her husband is a dad who tears up, she assured to which it has agreed to an interview.

If it is to make albums that are without life…

The micro, Amel Bent has explained his pause by the fact that she had two children, the small Sofia (3 years old) and Hana (1 year and a half), but there’s another reason : his contract with his previous record label was nearing its end and she wanted to think about the rest of his career. The young woman, who was also very affected by the court case targeting her husband, Patrick Antonelli, has taken advantage of this absence to enrich experiences, feelings, emotions… “My album is very good compared, for me, with the previous two. And that, I know that I owe it to this break, exactly, because I was able to experience things, and by living these things, I could tell lots of things in my songs and it makes it more rich, “she said.

But, in a music industry that has changed radically, which sees land of new faces in dc and with a mode of consumption completely different, had she not a little afraid of losing his place ? “Today, given the economic climate and the way people consume music, it does not burn anything. Even if your business is closer. I have not had more fear there than when I was doing an album every two years. (…) We can say also that out an album every year, you are creating wear and tear. There are good and bad to make a pause (…) But if it is to make albums that are without life, this is not very interesting...”, clamp-t-it.

As long as I can put a roof on my head

Not worried about the idea of having to fight to come back, Amel Bent does not lack to add that it makes his job with passion and what she sees as “noble“. “I don’t have delusions of grandeur. I have not done this craft to be a multimillionaire. From the start, even in the best days, I never packed because I know why I do this job. The question of what is worth it financially… for Me, as long as I can put a roof on my head, eat, and live decently, I will“, she explains.

Elevated with beautiful values, a fervent supporter of the Restos du coeur and a member of the troupe Enfoirés, Amel Bent’s feet on the earth, and, as the crisis of the yellow Vests seems not to want to finish, she added with candor : “I do not complain ever because I am aware that I live in a country where three-quarters of the people are suffering. I’m not going to complain about me, today, because my record sales are not going to allow me to buy me a yacht. (…) Tomorrow, maybe we’ll be less privileged in being a singer, which is, perhaps, not more evil.

It would, however, like the most beautiful of the success to the friendly singer, who will offer the tour on The Other Tour.