Amel Bent, her husband was incarcerated : “I feel I am damaged”

Amel Bent is one of those women that life has not spared. Despite the hardships, the singer of 33 years has taken a a with force, of experiences-sometimes painful-that have enabled him to become the artist she is today. A singer mother of two children (Sofia, 3 years and Hana, 1 year and a half), which published a new album after five years of absence.

Currently in full promotion of his opus Tomorrow, due may 17, 2019 in the trays, she went on the interviews. Sublime cover of the magazine Télé 7 jours (programs from 18 to 24 may), the coach of The Voice Kids (TF1) avoids no subject, not even the one that her husband and his troubles (suspend) with the justice. If the bubbly brunette doesn’t say it-even the word prison, it is well implied in her confidence. “A complicated period” during which it is “left alone” with his eldest daughter, Sofia, who was then aged 3 months.

Amel Bent admits no pretense that the year 2016 has not always been easy to manage : “We talked a lot about me but not for my music. I felt I was damaged by something that was out of control. I was suffering, I felt judged. I was really at the lowest.” Despite the absence of her husband, the singer has always made sure that the link is not broken with their daughter. “I was with my daughter in places where I didn’t want to be“, does he / she share.

This chapter delicate of his life, Amel Bent evokes in its title Star : “This song, I saw it as a sign. I have sung at this time and it moves me still, terribly. I thought it was my last song and that I would put up ever.

Today, she is a mom fully open and a contented wife who has found her balance with her husband, the singer sees in him “a dad that rocks.” “I have the chance not to be alone, I have a husband who is frankly awesome, and especially a dad that rocks. For the moment, it is doing well“, we had it assigned to him, in an exclusive interview for just recently completed.

The full interview of Amel Bent is back in Télé 7 jours, programs from 18 to 24 may 2019.