Amel Bent : “I have a husband that is frankly awesome, it is a dad who tears up”

In making its come-back in music, five years after the release of his latest album, Instinct, the singer Amel Bent has to start to conquer the public and the charts. A pause is voluntary, but that she herself was not so long, as it was entrusted to

The sympathetic interpreter of the tube My philosophy is due above all to his withdrawal from the music by the fact that be became a mother. Indeed, Amel Bent has given birth to a first daughter, Sofia, in February 2016. As well, she would have been able to hire a nanny and go back to the studio, but this was clearly not the choice of life she wanted. “It was out of the question as I live the first steps of my child in the spotlight. I wanted to live it fully and not be pulled by a profession that, for me, at the time, was my whole life and took up all my time. (…) And then the thing is that I chained two. Initially, I was not told that I was going to stop me, five years ago, thought I would stop a year“, she says.

In October 2017, the star and her husband Patrick Antonelli welcome a second little girl in their life : a Hana. Therefore, Amel Bent sees his return is more complicated. But, today, the comeback is finally here and fans have already been able to discover the catchy first single , If anybody asks. “Being a mum and a singer, it is a thing that I do day-to-day. On paper, I couldn’t design it, and it is for that that I put in the time to come back. (…) I have the chance not to be alone, I have a husband who is frankly awesome, and especially a dad that rocks. For the moment, it is doing well“, jure-t-it.