Anaïs Camizuli enclosure : details on her first pregnancy complicated

Pregnant of 7 months, Anaïs Camizuli does not hide the fact that this is not easy every day. The winner of Secret Story 7 is in particular very tired, as she said on Snapchat, this Saturday 11 may 2019.

The wife of Sultan has a lot of trouble sleeping at night : “A few KB. I must have fallen asleep at 7am in the morning because of acid reflux. I’ve suffered from it. Thank you to all for your tips and your tricks. I hope that it’s going to pass me because of sleeping three hours per night, it is a little complicated. (…) Sincerely, I am KB. (….) I would like too sleep, but I can’t. I can’t find the sleep. Between my insomnia and acid reflux, it starts to be very hard for me.

Anaïs Camizuli was then told that her daughter was moving a lot at night, which didn’t help her not to get to sleep. “But this is not serious, it does still have that happiness, “concluded the Marseillaise of 31 years. Yesterday, the pounds of pregnancy as the former candidate of TF1 referred to its subscribers.

Photo taken a week before falling pregnant… Where is my Jeans Size is 34 ?! +10 kg of love“, she légendé a photo on which one can discover his silhouette before falling pregnant. She also sent a beautiful declaration of friendship to his best friend Eddy, whom she had met in Secret Story.Six years ago when I told you for the first time that I loved you as my little brother, I am not wrong… Six years later we are still here, hand in hand, to share our joys, our sorrows, our laughter and our tears … looking Forward to telling our story to my daughter. I love you“, she wrote.