Anaïs Demoustier and her daughter : “Terrified at the idea of being an actress and mom,”

Anaïs Demoustier was made at the 72nd Cannes film Festival for the presentation of his film” Alice and the mayor, selected at the directors ‘ Fortnight. The actress confided to Version Femina on his pleasure of being on the Croisette, to have worked with Fabrice Luchini for this film but also of her life as a mom.

Very discreet on the social networks where she preferred to speak of his work with its subscribers that bring moments of his private life, Anaïs Demoustier does not, however, discuss her daily life as a mom. In April 2016, she gave birth to her daughter, the fruit of her relationship with actor Jérémie elka ∩ m met on the film Marguerite & Julien. When asked in what state of mind she is raising his child in the face of the challenges of the planet, she responds : “I’m trying to raise my daughter in a dynamic inverse. I tell him that life is a celebration, it is necessary to take advantage of what it offers of beautiful, in nature particularly. In Paris, it is certainly not present, but I live next to the park of Buttes-Chaumont, so my daughter sees them at least the sky and the seasons pass !

His daughter it is that she devotes all her time when she is not filming : “I have long been terrified at the idea of being an actress and mom. You repeat constantly that children need routine, of reference, which is difficult to keep up with my calendar disjointed. But eventually, I realized that I spend a lot of time with her, more than some friends or notary psy who returned to 19h. And, as my daughter is not going to school yet, I sometimes take shooting. I hope that this will bring him a kind of flexibility and openness to the world.”

Among his other film projects, Anaïs Demoustier discusses the film directed by his brother, Stephane – who passed on the love of films , the Girl with The Bracelet. In the casting of its sides : Chiara Mastroianni and Roschdy Zem : “We have already made a short film together, maybe too young, and I was hyper evil on his indications, I was the little sister teased ! The, we just turn The flle to the bracelet, a feature film about a girl who finds herself accused of killing her best friend. I played the prosecutor, a role for which few people would have thought of myself. My brother, if. He remembered that I had wanted, at one time, go to law school.

The story of‘Alice and the mayor, in cinemas October 2 : The mayor of Lyon, Paul Théraneau, goes wrong. It no longer has a single idea. After thirty years of political life, he feels completely empty. To address this problem, we decided to join a young and brilliant philosopher, Alice Heimann. A dialog is established, which brings Alice and the mayor and shake their certainties.

Read the full interview in the supplement of the Sunday Newspaper of may 26, 2019, Version Femina