Android : Huawei could be deprived of the services of Google

The Android smartphones from Huawei might lose access to Google services, according to Reuters. This means that the doors of the Play Store, Google Maps, Gmail and all other Google services is closed for the next devices the chinese giant. Future updates of the operating system can no longer be provided to Huawei and, hence, to the millions of users of the products of the manufacturer.

Huawei may, however, continue to use the open-source version of Android. But it will be finished of all the rest, which is typically the attractiveness of the operating system, in particular the Play Store. The details of the initiative are still under discussion within Google, things can be forced to evolve in one direction or another.

This sanction comes a few days after the placement, by the administration Trump, of Huawei on a blacklist that imposes restrictions that are very strong on the possibilities of business between the group of chinese and american companies. It is likely that the closure of the valve of Android by Google is a direct consequence of the decision of the american president (also read : The United States inculpent Huawei of stealing technology).

The context is particularly unfavourable, as the war trade is flourishing between the United States and China. An escalation of tension that results in customs duties, the impact of which Apple key at the margin… until now. This will change if the iPhone should also be taxed (read : United States v. China : the threat of customs duty on the iPhone always stronger).

These us-china tensions have also resulted in resentment and anti-american in China. Apple is, in spite of itself, caught between these two fires and is currently the subject of a boycott emerging. Of chinese internet users, advise on purchase of Huawei products, rather than iPhone or other Apple hardware, says BuzzFeed.