Angela Ahrendts on her 5 years at Apple : “Mission accomplished”

Angela Ahrendts has defended the results of his five years spent at the head of the Apple Store, in an interview to Bloomberg data, in the margins of the conference C2 Montréal, she rejected the criticisms made on the transformations in these stores.

Some of his blinds have been inserted in the activity of the cities which host said she and several other stores of large sizes — the “flagships” — are on track :

I think that we have been able to refurbish the stores, and there are amazing flagships in preparation for the next four years. But they are not even in stores, we call them public places or places of gathering because the entire community is welcome. We have worked very closely with municipalities to install these blinds in places that help these cities.

Other cause for satisfaction for it, the workshops “Today at Apple” and its 3 500 employees that drive a few 18 000 weekly sessions of discovery to products and software.

The Apple Store on Piazza Liberty in Milan, built-in, in the sense own, in a public place. Image : Apple

When questioned about regrets or what they would have done differently, Angela Ahrendts stated that she had simply wanted to go faster, because the technological evolution requires a continuous flow to this industry.

On the criticism expressed at the location of the Apple Store last generation, on their organization where the Genius Bar has disappeared, on the technical level of employees, which is sometimes diluted as their number one blows, it sweeps up without hesitation, and one can discern, at certain times of the interview, a bit of annoyance :

I don’t read any of them, and none is based on facts. Everyone is trying to find stories. When I went, the retention rate was at a record level, it has increased 20 points on the five-year period ; the score (NPS measure of customer satisfaction, editor’s note) was at a historic low… again, I know the facts.

Questioned on the off form of the iPhone sales it recalled that the mission of the Apple Store was not only selling “More than half of the staff is not there to sell but to educate “and stressed that his involvement in the iPhone was only partial :” there are a lot of things on the phones about which I had absolutely zero control “.

Angela Ahrendts at the conference C2 Montréal this week

The Apple Store, she said, in the immensity of the distribution patterns of the iPhone, represent only a small part of it (this includes the Apple online Store, ndr). This is less the case for other products : “They are the most important for the Mac, the Apple Watch, the AirPods and all other categories of products “. The Apple Store is not just about the iPhone, she insists.

Mission accomplished , “says Ahrendts about his five years at Apple,” We had a five-year plan, we executed the plan, there are a lot of things to come “.