Anthony and Alain-Fabien Delon : Together, far away from Cannes and their father

At the time of presentation of the palme d’honneur at Cannes on 19 may, Alain Delon, only had eyes for his daughter… On the red carpet of the Festival, Anouchka (28 years old) was with her more proud than ever of his dad. A presence that echoed as to two absent : his two brothers. Alain-Fabien, age 25, his little-brother (they have to mother, the former model Rosalie Van Breemen), and Anthony, the eldest of the siblings, aged 54 years, whose mother is Nathalie Delon, has not participated in the festivities in cannes in honor of the sacred monster of the cinema. If one knows that the relations between the three men are complicated, the youngest has posted a story on Instagram, which implies that the son Delon are going very well, far from the Croisette…

Alain-Fabien has unveiled a story on Instagram on which you can see in full the “small family reunion” as he indicates with his companion Capucine Anav, his big brother Anthony and his daughters Wolf and Liv. This evening slice with the evening full of glitter that Anouchka and her father attended after the awards ceremony, for the Women in Motion Awards with Salma Hayek or Eva Longoria.

Anthony Delon was not against the idea of going to Cannes for his father, he who keeps good memories of his youth, as he did when he mounted the stairs in 1987. On Instagram, he had responded to those who wondered if it was going to come to pay homage to his icon of dad that he would be delighted to be present at Cannes to share the great moment of his father, if he “wanted to invite“him and his brother, Alain-Fabien… This last has also already been in Cannes, in 2013 to present The Meetings after midnight.

In Nice-Matin, the Samurai was felt that, of course, “there is love betweenthem, but regretted that its “links are not the strongest” with his two sons, the elder as the last, Alain-Fabien, pointing in particular to the fact that they have both chosen to become actors like their father. While Anouchka, he has chosen her to be theexecutrix of his inheritance.