Appearance of the Apple Card before its official launch

The Apple Card will be available this summer in the United States. The Mastercard credit card, which is built on the infrastructure of the bank Goldman Sachs, is currently in beta testing with a number of Apple employees in charge of playing the guinea pigs. Ben Geskin, which is not the most reliable of fuiteurs, claims to have received photos of the physical card. It has erased the name of the holder to put her in place.

The packaging of the Apple Card contains an NFC tag. Just open the app Wallet to connect the iPhone to the packaging, and then initiate the configuration of the map ; the process looks very similar to the one of the AirPods or the HomePod.

The Apple Card physical does not integrate the wireless chip, it does not pay without contact. In fact, it will only be used to pay for the purchases on payment terminals that are not equipped with an NFC chip.

The best experience of the Apple Card, it is used via Apple Pay, which will allow the passage of pocketing 2% cash back (compared to only 1% using the chip card). It will not be necessary to wait to receive the Apple Card to use immediately the credit related.

The map itself is a sheet of titanium, on which Apple serious the customer’s name and logo. There is no registration in addition, with the exception of logos, Goldman Sachs and Mastercard on the back.