Apple defends the autonomy of the iPhone in the face of the tests of an association of consumers

The consumer body uk Which? has tested the batteries several smartphones of different brands to verify the claims of manufacturers concerning the autonomy of their products. The iPhone is doing particularly poorly.

IPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max ray… X, of course. Image iFixit.

The results of the test of independence show that no iPhone among the nine tested not in line with the measures announced by the manufacturer. In fact, the iPhone held from 18% to 51% less for a long time that the promises of the Apple. And the iPhone XR accuses the largest overestimation : while Apple has announced up to 25 hours of talk time, Which? has held 16 hours and 32 minutes. The iPhone XR, however, is a true camel with its big battery !

Apple is not the only one in this basket, HTC is also in the sights with an overestimation of the autonomy for its smartphones. Nokia, Samsung and Sony are, in contrast, hailed for the autonomy longer than promised, always a time of conversation.

To perform its surveys, the investigators from Which? have purchased smartphones and then have recharged the batteries to the bottom. The devices are then passed through various tests, including one consisting of a long-term, and another by browsing the internet.

Apple has regretted that the agency has not shared its testing methodology, which does not allow him to compare those results to his own (the methodology of the builder is available here). For the rest, Apple declares :

We rigorously test our products, and we continue to claim our results in the area of autonomy. Thanks to a close integration between the hardware and the software, the iPhone is designed to intelligently manage energy consumption to maximize the life of the battery. Our testing methodology reflects this intelligence.