Apple has lowered the amount of recovery against the purchase of a new iPhone

Apple has lowered the amounts proposed in its offer of recovery for an iPhone used for the purchase of a new model. Since the end of last year, Apple has put the packet on this program in order to boost its sales of smartphones.

An operation which has borne fruit at the end of the first quarter, explained a few days ago Tim Cook. These swap transactions, in the Apple Store had been multiplied by four compared to march 2018.

No prefer to manage to sell their iPhone on the used market and get a better price. For other clients, less experienced in this exercise and who want to play it safe, it is an offer simple and convenient. Since Apple is transferring the data to the new device.

Since a few days, or weeks, Apple has changed its grid recovery, and has noticed MacRumors in the United States, and as is true with us.

A few examples :

  • By giving Apple a iPhone you can get the first iPhone XR to 828,28 € or the first XS 1 128,28 € respectively 735 and € 1035 € previously. 93 € more.

  • IPhone 6 gives you the right to XR for 789 € instead of 729 € and XS for 1089 € 1 029 € before. It is 60 € best of the best.

  • With an iPhone 7 Plus, both XR and XS are sold 20 € more expensive each.

To the left the amounts as at 31 march, right what we have today

When you go on the purchase page of a iPhone, XR, we see these adjustments in the offerings of the resumption maximum (subject to a iPhone second hand in good condition ; however it has a high or low storage capacity, it is kif-kif, while in the purchase that changes everything…).

An iPhone 5 is repeated 30 € (25 € before, a iPhone 6 Plus it is 146,28 € instead of 166,28 €, etc, not Everything is black, there are exceptions : the iPhone X is taken 487,28 € instead of 472 € and the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus appreciate around ten euros more.

Has left the price today on the right those of an article at the end of February

Finally, when we just want to exchange their old Apple hardware against a bank transfer, it is possible , and we can see that the maximum amounts have moved similarly. Surprising, however, these grids are adjusted several times a year.

For one of its smartphones, Apple do not offer more than 392 € (that would be the iPhone X) instead of 472 € front. For an iPad it’s 245 € instead of 265 € ; for a Mac it is 747 € instead of 803 € ; for an Apple Watch it is 139 € instead of 169 €.

We note with the example of the iPhone X that if you just ask for a recycling against a transfer, Apple give you less (392 €) if you buy him an iPhone nine behind (472 €). Logic.