Apple Park : the little images of a day of inauguration and tribute

This 17 may, Apple has formally inaugurated its new headquarters, Apple Park, and paid tribute to Steve Jobs, who had revealed this great project in August 2011, in front of the city council of Cupertino.

In a document circulated in-house, the team of AppleWeb, the communication portal of the group, has made a summary in images of this day of festivities, including the culmination was a concert of Lady Gaga (read also The arc-en-ciel invades all Apple Park and Lady Gaga is his show).

As soon as the morning was held a session of fitness on one of the lawns outside the building, and where the carpets reproduced the colors the rainbow of the Apple logo. A signature used throughout the attractions and facilities, such as the scene designed by the team of Jony Ive (read Apple Park : months of work for the stage, arc-en-ciel)

Apple invited a few athletes to encourage employees and conducting activities : Leah Kim, an ambassador for Nike yoga ; Kara Goucher is a specialist middle-distance several times medalists at the world championships and olympic events, Jeanette Jenkins is a coach famous across the Atlantic, not to mention Jay Blahnik, mr. fitness and sport in Apple.

Employees were walking around on campus dressed in vintage clothes in the colors of Apple and equipped with materials just as old (PowerBook, QuickTake, etc.).

Old Mac and Apple Ii were in self-service for the curious, the nostalgic, or can be employees among younger people.

A player of the electric harp (the artist Lucinda Belle) near the grand basin, a flag pirate who ride in tribute to the man that wore the building in which it was created the first Mac, mediation sessions, the parties of freesbie… Apparently there was a little bit everywhere of small activities and animations.

Brandi Chastain, a player of american football, with several world champion titles and three olympic medals, was of the party, to organize soccer games.

All the associations of the employees belonging to the network “Diversity Network” of the Apple were represented.

To 20: 30, Tim Cook is up on stage and has qualified Apple Park dream are among the most ambitious of Steve Jobs,” fireplace innovations for generations to come “, and concludes that the greatest creation of Jobs was, in the end, Apple itself.

Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of the founder disappeared, said a few words and left the place to Lady Gaga for a concert. The artist Olafur Eliasson concluded the evening with a sound and light show.