Apple refreshes its website dedicated to the shareholders

The shareholders are rather well treated by Apple. The manufacturer uses a good portion of its cash to buy back its shares, a program that continues with an additional allocation of $ 75 billion announced during the results of the last quarter. Under forget the dividends ever more generous.

But this is not all to fill the pockets. It is also necessary to put in full view. This is why Apple has revised the portion of its website dedicated to investor relations. The home page of this section focuses on the latest press releases (still available in the Newsroom), and of course we find the financial press releases and other reports full of figures.

The page devoted to the variations of the action AAPL is also overhauled, with the possibility of going back in time until 2006. The documents sent to the SEC, the gendarme of the Stock market american, are also available in the page appropriate ; the fiercest will be able to register to receive e-mail alerts financial.