Arnaud Montebourg : Crazy in love with Amina, thirteen years his junior

There are many ways to meet the love. For Arnaud Montebourg and Amina Walter, it was not very traditional. Two years ago, as she came out of the work, this pretty brunette is 44 years, sees the former minister of productive Recovery through the streets of Paris. She asks for a selfie. “It was for my mother. It is to the left, his idols are called François Mitterand, Arlette Laguiller, Manuel Valls, or… Arnaud Montebourg“, is justified in Gala. The former politician accepts, asking him to send the picture by SMS, “history of, ” keep in touch“, specify our colleagues.

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After many meetings and months of love, Arnaud Montebourg (57 years) and Amina are installed under the same roof since December 2018. To the two of them, they have five children of all ages. This ruling of the insurance company has a son, Chems (16 years old) and a daughter, Eva (6 years old), born from a first union. The love life of the minister of François Hollande has been most eventful, with particular romances with Elsa Zylberstein, Audrey Pulvar , or Aurélie Filippetti. With this last, it was Jane (3 years) and with his first wife, Hortense de Labriffe, he had Paul (18 years) and Adele (16 years). A liability not to scare Amina : “Arnaud has made his romantic encounters, he has had his course of man.

Before a hyperactive

After two years of love, yet another child is it in their projects ? “We have enough children, and they are all very well, says the pretty brunette. In addition, we have, in alternation, every two weeks, which leaves time for us.” In fact, the young couple would have, among others, flew to Cuba, Tuscany and South America.

No cloud on the horizon for Amina Walter and Arnaud Montebourg, madly in love despite their age difference of thirteen years. “For the moment, this age difference does not bother me. It seems to me much younger than other men younger than him. Above all, it is a hyperactive, an eternal optimist, “says the mother of a family. Although it does not share its political ideals, She was charmed by his manner,”to dwell poetically in the world“.