Arnold Schwarzenegger : The video of his impressive assault

Arnold Schwarzenegger has seen of all colors, Saturday 18 may 2019. The hollywood actor, 71-year-old was assaulted by a man who gave him a violent kick in the back during a sporting event that he had organized. “Thank you for your concerns, but it does not have to worry about“, said Arnold Schwarzenegger on Twitter.

The former governor of California, who has undergone an open-heart operation in march 2018, was talking with his fans at the Sandton Convention Center in Johannesburg when a man has made a leap forward and gave him a kick in the back. All this happened live on the internet, since Arnold Schwarzenegger broadcast the event since its account Snapchat. “I thought I was just jostled by the crowd, which happens often. I realized that I had received a kick when I saw the video, like all of you. I am glad that this idiot has not stopped my Snapchat, “said the actor, who has not even moved during his assault.

The perpetrator was actually arrested in the aftermath. He was known by the local police for a similar offence. Arnold Schwarzenegger has stated that they do not want to file a complaint.