Ashley Massaro : The ex-Diva of WWE dead at 39 years old, his daughter in great distress

She had made the choice to leave the WWE and the world of wrestling in 2008, in which she had made a grand entrance three years earlier to dedicate himself to his sick daughter ; the latter, Alexa, is crying today his mother : Ashley Massaro was declared dead on may 16, 2019 in a hospital in Suffolk county on Long Island, in the State of New York, at ten days of what would have been his 40th birthday. The cause of his death, found to the hospital where she was transported after being found unresponsive in her home, are not yet known. The track criminal, however, is excluded.

Born in New York city on may 26, 1979 in a family far from being foreign to the catch (his father, his brother and his uncle practiced), Ashley Massaro was there came a little by chance, spotted during a beauty contest in a swimsuit by a recruiter of the WWE, the prestigious wrestling federation american. The young woman, who had to his credit the crowns of Miss Hawaiian Tropic USA 2002 and Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada 2004 as well as a number of issues on the glossy paper of the press men’s (Playboy, FHM, Maxim, Stuff), had then won the springboard organised by the League, the 2005 Raw Diva Search. Endowment: $ 250,000 and a one-year contract within the WWE. It will be three years as one of the Divas of the federation, including at Wrestlemania 23, and 24 in 2007 and 2008.

In July of that year, she had asked to be released from his contract to be able to look after her daughter Alexa, then aged 8, who was sick. A single mother, she had felt that she could not afford to be “on the road, while the flesh of his flesh had need [of it]” : “I would like to be able to do both at once and that there are other solutions, but given the severity of the situation, I’ll have to ask me to stop for the moment“, she explained.

A few weeks earlier, Ashley Massaro was crying Luke Perry

His passage on the rings had earned him an excellent reputation and a few other opportunities, particularly in 2017, with an appearance in an episode of the series Smallville, another in a clip of Timbaland (Throw It on Me), a cover of Playboy (the promotion of which had been made in Smackdown, one of the emissions of the WWE) and a participation in the program “Survivor” in China, in which it had held that six days before being eliminated. It had continued its activities as a model and had even made his return to wrestling in 2017 in a league independent. A return to the WWE was likely to be inadmissible as it had taken part in the November of 2016 in a legal action against the federation and had reported to you, following a deposit of a sexual assault which she had been the victim during a tour of the WWE in an american military base in Kuwait.

Only a few hours before her death, Ashley Massaro was still active on the social networks : it was shown Wednesday, may 15, at 134 000 followers on Twitter the quantity of fan mail that she received and to which she responded with pleasure. She had also looked forward to the idea to celebrate its 40 years old and had planned to spend his birthday weekend in Las Vegas. And a few weeks earlier, she was moved by the tragic death of actor Luke Perry, who was loaned in the years 2000 to a sequence of Raw for the WWE and it was with nostalgia images…