Ashton Kutcher, a witness at the trial of the Ripper Hollywood, recounts the story of his “panic”

It looks just like an episode of New York : criminal Section, but it is a night thatAshton Kutcher remembers very precisely, having lived it, true… Wednesday, may 29, 2019, the american actor 41-year-old testified at the bar of a court of Los Angeles to tell this evening of 21 February 2001, where he had a rendezvous with a young woman who is never coming, and for good reason : Ashley Ellerin had been brutally murdered by Michael Gargiulo, a serial killer whose trial is open and who shall incur the penalty of death.

Ashton Kutcher, who was only 23 years old and was starting to make a name for himself thanks to the series That 70’s Show, has told the court have spoken several times to Ashley, a student in fashion design, on the same day of his death. The evening came, he went to the home of the young woman, to whom he had proposed to go to friend’s house to watch the ceremony of the Grammy Awards. Their last conversation on the telephone took place at 20: 24, Ashley came out of the shower and began to prepare. To 22h, it was recalled to prevent that he would be late and, getting no answer, had left a message on his answering machine. A 22: 45, he had finally made it home. But he had found the door closed and,thinking he had screwed up” by arriving an hour too late, he was gone again, leaving a word. Not without throwing in a look by one of the windows of the apartment located in the Hollywood Hills (where it had already come a few weeks earlier for a housewarming), seeing then that he thought he was on the point of being “tasks of red wine, “but “nothing alarming“, according to his story. The next day, the roommate of Ashley Ellerin discovered his lifeless body in the middle of a pool of blood, stabbed 47 times.

A few hours later, on learning of the death of sordid of his date the night before, Ashton Kutcher, in a panic, was immediately presented to the police, fearing that he would be the first suspected. “I remember that I went to see the investigators and I told them : “My fingerprints are on the door.” I was terrified“, he told the court.

It was not until 2008 that Michael Gargiulo was arrested, confused by traces of DNA linking it to another murder and an assault weapon in Santa Monica. Man, today 43-year-old, described as a cold-blooded killer-look “boy next door” (the neighbour cute, grosso modo) and rigged up the nickname ripper from Hollywood because of the brutal character of the murders, is accused of killing three women in the space of 12 years : before Ashley Ellerin in 2001, he would have murdered in 1993, Tricia Pacaccio, her neighbour of 18 years of the time he lived in Illinois, and he would have gone back to stabbing to death 17 times a neighbor in Los Angeles, Maria Bruno, in 2005. In 2008, he would also have attempted to kill a certain Michelle Murphy at her home in Santa Monica, but the woman in question had managed to escape and alert police, leading to his identification and his arrest. Gargiulo, who has pleaded not guilty, shall incur the penalty of death.

Ashton Kutcher was married from 2005 to 2011, with Demi Moore, and then put in a couple in 2012 with Mila Kunis, his wife since July 2015 , and the mother of their two sons, Wyatt and Dimitri.