At HP, a laptop with a second screen for the players

And if the Touch Bar could be more effective in a game ? Well, this is probably not tomorrow, given that the Mac (and especially the MacBook Pro) are not especially gifted for the pleasures in the video game, not to mention the interest on the bar touch — whether for the games or for the rest.

HP is pushing the concept of the second touch screen further with theOmen X 2S, a laptop meant for players. The computer integrates a 15-inch screen in 1080p (4K option), with a display rate of 144 Hz (can be push up to 240 Hz at the end of July). It is possible to attach the end of the end in terms of portable PC player : processor Core i9 of the 9th generation overclocked to 5 Ghz, GeForce GPU RTX 2080 Max-Q, 32 Gb of RAM, storage Optane.

HP does not specify the autonomy of this monster, nor its weight. But the most singular of this machine, it is the presence of a second screen of 6-inch (1080p) above the keyboard. It can be a valuable aid to the player : the screen can display the map of the level, or even a sniper ! It can also occupy the player while it is playing : play a YouTube video or music, display of a dashboard of the activity of the machine, or even an e-mail.

The builder describes being inspired by the practices of the chinese players who, often, have a smartphone open to: or e-mail next to them during their parties. The presence of this screen has forced HP to compromise on design, the trackpad is positioned not under the keyboard, but to the right. This will not necessarily be a problem, the players preferring to generally practice their art with the mouse.

This is not the first time that we see this kind of second screen on a PC laptop. Asus had unveiled a computer with a trackpad/screen at Computex 2018. But this was not a product intended for the gamers. The price of this new Omen start at 2 for $100.