Austin Jones : The youtubeur sentenced to 10 years in prison for child pornography

Finally sentenced. A few years ago, Austin Jones, star on YouTube, was in the news because of his special request to his young fans – some of whom were minors. He asked the film currently twerker, and then send him these videos. The musician was at the age of 24. He was sentenced Friday 3 may 2019 10 years in prison for child pornography and for “having incited several minors, some aged 14 years ago, to produce videos sexually explicit, “according to the u.s. department of Justice.

His process was shocked. He forced the girls – sometimes minor – to send him videos explicit, telling them what to wear or how to dance. Austin Jones, 26, used her notoriety to place pressure on these young girls and encourage them to send him pictures bare. He asked them to “prove that they were his biggest fans and that it could help to have more followers on Instagram and become a model. Of the facts he admitted at his trial, in February 2019, where he pleaded guilty.

Austin Jones had been sentenced to a minimum sentence of five years imprisonment and a maximum sentence of two decades. The prosecutors eventually requested a sentence of 11 years farm, according to the press release of the ministry of Justice. It is rare that a youtubeur be condemned for these facts, which are unfortunately common. The conviction of Austin Jones is a great victory for the victims and their families. “The production and reception of pornography children are extremely serious breaches that threaten the safety of our children and our communities, “said the lawyer of the victims, Neff Welsh.

Austin Jones had already reacted to the case when the scandal broke out, posting a video apology on its YouTube channel. “Nothing is ever gone farther than the twerk in videos. There has never been any physical contact, “he assured. Austin Jones was famous for his videos of covers of songs, and multiplies the concerts in the United States.