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While Avengers: Endgame multiplies the records, the whole Hollywood rushes to congratulate Marvel. And congratulations to Dwayne Johnson react.

Eager to be a good player and to applaud his colleagues when they achieve success, Dwayne Johnson intends to be one of those who will abuse the box office thanks to the super-heroic franchises. Indeed, he has been actively working for several years on Black Adam, a spin-off of Shazam! dedicated to one of the main opponents of the character.

But despite excellent reviews and a budget more modest than many superhero blockbusters, Shazam! has not been as successful as the competition, far from it, as it has amassed just under $ 350 million internationally. A sum that many small films would dream of, but not the Aquaman and other billion-dollar Avengers.

Photo Black Adam
Black Adam Fan art

In short, despite the actor's claims, nothing is won for Black Adam. In this context, the video published by Dwayne Johnson on social media where he sings the praises of the MCU and especially of Kevin Feige makes DC fans laugh yellow, as the superstar gives the feeling of wanting to leave the ship.

"Congratulations to the architect, the mastermind behind all this, Kevin Feige. Bravo my friend. It was so cool to watch, to witness, to learn from you and your team as you recount all this meticulously, for years.

Photo Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne discovering the box office of the Avengers : Endgame

 Biggest fucking movie ever ! Look what you've done Kevin ! I know our assistants have been trying to set us up for dinner for months, we're both overbooked, and I can't wait for our schedules to coincide. »

Of course, to see in this statement a somewhat forced attempt to take the Marvel train on the move is purely speculative. Nevertheless, we still have the impression that the teeth of good Dwayne would laugh at the parquet with the insistence of an overvoltage Hacksaw.

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Dwayne Johnson auditioning for the role of Groot in the Guardians of the Galaxy 3