Avengers Endgame : the end could be different depending on the writers


Since Captain America : the First Avenger, Christopher Markus and Stephen Mcfeely joined the adventure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the writers. Those who have written to Infinity War responded to questions from the New York Times on the final chapter of the saga of the Infinite.

Black Widow would have had to survive

This is the scene that will be remembered, first funny, then shocking, the sequence of the sacrifice signals the end of the original team as it existed in the first Avengers. While the two characters are fighting to see who will offer his life in exchange for the stone, the spectator is divided between two important characters of the universe. “Our producer visual, read a sketch of a scenario where Hawkeye is sacrificed. And she told us “Do not take it (editor’s note : Natasha Romanoffs) ” I’m really excited thinking about them.” “His journey, in our minds, is completed when it will be brought back to the Avengers. She has a past so terrible, and when she arrives at Vormir and that she has a chance to find her family, she is willing to exchange his life for it.” The duo also explains the absence of a funeral, “Tony has the right to a funeral not Natasha. This is due to the fact that Tony is a public figure and that Natasha was very secret.”

Tony had to die

The MCU opens with him and closes the same way. After you have had the right to a brief “happy ending” with his wife and his daughter, the hero decides to risk everything to bring his friends to life. “In a sense, it is a bit of a mirror of Steve Rogers, all the time. Steve moves towards a kind of awareness on his or her personal interests and Tony becomes inherently altruistic. They both reached their point of arrival.”

Captain America hangs up the shield

I could do that all day”, finally the super-hero enjoys the life he has always dreamed of with Peggy Carter. The writers had since the beginning the idea of offering the Captain the dance that he has been waiting for a long time. “If it’s good ? I don’t know, but it is satisfactory. He put his life on pause to perform his duty. We have never thought of the kill. Finally he raises his shield, because he deserved it.”

The two writers are not ready to make their farewells, and we should review it in the MCU. “I’m not old enough to retire.”