Avengers Endgame : a TV channel in the Philippines will broadcast a pirated version of the film

Imagine the surprise of the viewers of this local chain cable, when appeared on their screens, Captain America, Iron Man and all their clique. In Dipolog, Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines, subscribers of the channel the East Cable had the honour of discovering the film for the first since their living room. Not what jump to the ceiling, quite the contrary… The copy was in fact filmed from a cinema and broadcast without any authorization. In the incredulity of the most complete, spectators have used social networks to express their amusement or their annoyance. “These are legends, those who lead the East Cable. Ah Ah ah,” plays a young man on Twitter.

The champions !

The responses are not made to wait. Alerted by the subscribers, the police ordered the chain to stop the broadcast. To stay in theme, the far East Cable has offered its subscribers another superhero movie, Captain Barbel, it also hacked.

3 violations just in the Philippines

The Teatro de Dapitan, local cinema, initiated proceedings against the chain. He attacks the East Cable for infringement of intellectual property, illegal registration, and cybercrime. The chain did not want to respond to the microphone press agency, local and has not communicated since the scandal. The house of ideas also remains silent for the moment. If the film is poised to become the biggest success in the history of cinema, he has been the victim of hacking, and different versions are already available for streaming. In spite of his efforts to preserve the spectators from any leaks or spoilers, Kevin Feige was in turmoil after the broadcast of a video spoilers in 5 minutes, a few days before the premiere. Tired of this race to the piracy, the firm she will attack East Cable for example ?

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In spite of everything, the Avengers : Endgame does not have to worry about the attendance, as the film comes to exceed the 20 billion dollars of revenue to the MCU.