Axelle Laffont sparkling, Stéfi Celma radiant… a breakfast of girls in Cannes

Cannes is not just that the projections of films. After you have climbed the steps of the palais des festivals, the celebrities will usually go to the multitude of events organized in the city of the Côte d’azur. Side the evenings, it has already been seen that Chopard and Sandra & Co had set the bar very high. The day, the personalities can enjoy the magnificent terraces and beaches available by the biggest brands such as Magnum, but also by the luxury hotels.

This is exactly what happened on may 18, 2019, on the magnificent beach of the Majestic Barrière. On the occasion of the 72nd International film Festival of Cannes, a breakfast titled Girls Support Girls (“women support women” in French) was organized and several celebrities have responded to this. The image of the always bubbly, Axelle Laffont, who wore for the occasion a blazer white.

The superb Stéfi Celma of Ten percent for its part, had chosen an outfit 100% denim and took the time to pose with Vanessa Guide that we saw in The Mansion or even of the Pacific’2. Also note the presences noticed of Desired of the Marzelle, Monia Chokri, Axelle Sibiril Lefebvre, Albane Jourdan or even Mylene Jampanoi. Alix Benezech, Karoline Leibovici, Murielle Thierrin, Sophie Dulac, Karoline Lebovici, Vanessa Dejan, Guetty Felin and finally, Dominique Desseigne.