Ayesha Curry : her 10 month old baby has been criticized for her weight, she said

Ayesha Curry, actress and chef famous in the United States, is the proud mother of three children, Riley (6 years old), Ryan (3 years) and the last one, Canon (10 months). Following the victory of her husband, Steph Curry, basketball player team Golden State Warriors, Ayesha decides to post a photo to capture the moment and share this moment of happiness to his many fans. Up to the time when… his son has been targeted on social networks. In just 10 months, the baby is adorable, has been the victim of teasing and criticism about its physical via the account Instagram of his mother.

Thus, a user commented on the photo, advising the mother of a family to ensure that more seriously about the portions of food that she gave to the baby, implying that his weight was too high : “It might be time to take control of his food…

Furious, Ayesha was quick to reply : “Excuse me ? No. Just no.

Following this comment, many fans have sent messages of support to the actress who will think now twice before you post a family photograph.