Backache, bad sleep: change bedding!

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 Like food, sleep contributes to good health. If your nights seem restless, if you suffer from regular back pain, maybe it is time to change the bedding. Here are some tips to choose well.

According to the Institute of sleep and vigilance, " new bedding improves sleep quality and activity during the day." All the studies conducted on the subject confirm this: when changing from an old to a new bed, " the subjects move less during the night, their sleep is more restful and more recuperative. They are not necessarily longer, but more peaceful. Direct health consequences: less difficulty waking up in the morning and more intense and energetic activity during the day. »

Mattress, bed base, pillow

First, change the mattress and mattress base at the same time. That makes sense! The first one bears two-thirds of the stress imposed on the bedding, and the second, the remaining one-third. When you're in the store, the first tip is of course ... to try. Lie on different mattresses for several minutes, close your eyes, and focus on your feelings.

When you're on your back, try to put your hand between your kidneys and the mattress. Can't you do it? It is that the latter is much too firm. In the same way, lean on an elbow. If it's sinking, it's because the mattress is too soft. It is up to you, under these conditions, to find the "middle ground" according to your preferences.

The pillow is also important. Ideally, during your sleep, your head and neck should line up, in the same position as when you are standing. By supporting the cervical vertebrae and distributing the weight of the head, the pillow helps relax the muscles and spine, while promoting blood circulation.

Allergic? According to UFC-what to choose, anti-mite mattresses have not proven their effectiveness. To fight these tiny arachnids, aerate in large every morning for about ten minutes. For the rest of the time, maintain a temperature of 18 °C in the chamber. If you're allergic, vacuum the mattress once a week. And wash the bed linen regularly at 60 °C.