Bilal Hassani, 14th in the Eurovision contest : “I put my guts on stage…”

Bilal Hassani has what to be proud of. Even if the points have not necessarily been at the rendezvous Saturday, may 18, 2019 in Tel Aviv, the interpreter of King has delivered a sublime performance. Internet users around the world have lauded her performance on Twitter, highlighting a beautiful setting in scene, a face-mapping succeeded, and this powerful story of self-acceptance. Absolutely not disappointed to finish 14th (out of twenty-six), Bilal Hassani told after this great evening.

I’m super happy with it. I was not expecting a particular ranking. I never imagined nor first, nor last, nor in the middle. Where it ends, this is very good, “says t-it-to – Tv-Loisirs. “I’m not disappointed, I found myself where I needed to be. It is beautiful this fourteenth place. Little by little, the bird makes its nest“, he continues in Paris.

When its sublime performance of King, Bilal Hassani has no regrets. “It was magical. The heart was there. I put all my guts on stage. It has delivered the message as I want to be the book. I’m super proud of. I didn’t feel any pressure. I was focused, “says t-it-to – Tv-Loisirs. For him, who was watching the Eurovision since childhood, being able to participate was magical, no matter what happens : “Just before the scene, I reviewed the twelve years of watching the contest on tv. And I said to myself one day, I’ll be on this stage. And I’ve done it, it’s crazy. It was even better than I imagined. It is a privilege crazy.”

Once he is back in France, Bilal Hassani will be very busy by promoting his first album, Kingdom. “The clip of my song Jealous is due out soon. It is awesome, you go too kiffer. I’m going to get out a single for this summer. And I’m going to do the Olympia in November. Eurovision and the Olympia in a year, it is still not bad”, concludes the artist of only 19 years.

It should be noted that during this new edition of the singing competition, it is the singer of the netherlands, Duncan Laurence, who prevailed.

The program was followed by 4.7 million viewers.