Bixente Lizarazu hospitalized after a surfing accident : “I did not see it coming”

Philosopher and returned to his emotions, the father of Tximista andUhaina then tells her hospitalization and lengthy rehabilitation : “The operation has been followed by immobilization with a splint and crutches for 6 weeks. This was the part a little long and painful… and Then the re-education-by-step. I stayed calm and patient…surprisingly. The beginning of wisdom. To recover, we don’t have the choice. It is necessary to do his rehabilitation with application, discipline and motivation.”

Bixente completes the caption of his photo with a message of hope to all those who are experiencing the same thing as him : “I saw that some of you are in rehabilitation, like me. Then I think of you. I hope to give you energy and show you the way. Never forget. Work. Patience. Not to not. Wise man.”

If he is still recovering from his injury, he should be attack the next month to comment with Gregory Margotton and Christian Jeanpierre matches of the women’s world Cup of football on the channels of the TF1 group.