Blake Lively pregnant : the actress is pregnant with her third child

Already the parent ofa first daughter named James (age 4), and d’a small Inez (2 years), the couple married for seven years now has not yet formalized this happy event, but the belly of Blake Lively acts as a confirmation. There is no doubt that the two actors will have to adjust their calendars with the arrival of this third child. In an interview with People this may 2, Ryan Reynolds explained to never work at the same time as his wife in order to preserve their family : “Blake and I never turn at the same time. If it was a movie in Thailand and me in Vancouver, we would see ever. We operate as a unit, and it works well as it (…). The children stay with us, the family stays together and no matter where we are, we are at home.”

For which of his possible desire to have a little boy, the performer of Deadpool would be delighted to have only daughters : “Having a daughter was a dream come true for me, he explained, always with People, in 2016. If I could have two girls, I would be delighted. Really, I would sincerely.

Pokémon : Detective Pikachu, the cinema may 8, 2019.