Brice (Koh-Lanta 2019) eliminated : “I had total confidence in Clo”

During the episode of Koh-Lanta, the war leaders on Friday 10 may 2019 on TF1, Brice and Sophie, whose fate was linked, have been eliminated. For the young athlete book on his adventure and reveals that he has ill-digested his departure of the famous game…

How did you feel when you were eliminated ?
I am very sad, a lot of disappointment as well. I saw myself go so much further than that. But I knew that, arriving at the council, that Sophie and I were going to leave. But at the time it is very hard. I want to train with me. And then I tell myself that I was too fast in the strategies. It is this which has led me to my loss.

Want-you-to-your classmates have voted against you ?
No, not at all. How could I blame them, especially the Blue, although in the beginning I wanted to do from Cindy ? This is the game, there are choices to make. I do not want to person. I have lived an extraordinary adventure, I had the chance to achieve reunification. After it is sure that I think I would have deserved to go further, I would have liked.

Why all of these strategies ?
This is a good question, myself I find it hard to respond. I don’t know why I went to see so many people in so little time to put into place strategies. I think I was maybe a little too stressed to arrive on the camp white. In the case of Blue, I was fine, I had my moments a little lonely. I’ve acted badly and that’s for sure. My strategy was to not make waves at the beginning and then scale. But this was far too direct, far too much cash so I regret a little bit the way I did things.

Do you understand the reaction of Cindy ?
At that moment I was talking to the Clo of my strategy, and I doubt not a second that she would go tell Cindy. Because on the Blue side, there was a pseudo-alliance between Maxime, Mohamed, Clo and me. Clo had made us understand that we would follow in the strategies. I had total confidence in it. After the reunification, Cindy moved closer to her. And I since the beginning of the game, Cindy was the Blue which I was the least close. If she had been able to oust Maximus or me, she would not be embarrassed. Since that Maxime has released Frederick to the Ambassadors, I felt she had hate. I was a little embarrassed because if we got there it was partly thanks to him.

Do you regret taking Sophie with you in your fall ?
Yes, of course. Especially as I hadn’t directly talked with her of my strategy. It was very difficult at the time, Sophie had not asked for anything. I was not well, I have a lot culpabilisé but we discussed it and it will get better.

Why have you given your black vote to Mohamed and not to Maximus for example ?
On the island of the Blue, it was like a small couple Mohamed and me, so it was a no brainer. The fact that he is voting against me, it was I think to not be put in danger. After that, it is true that I would have been able to give my vote to black jimmy also, but it would have been able to put in a very bad position. There were people who thought to eliminate it, and I thought that it would be even more in danger to give him my vote black.

Why have you burst into tears infront of the camera ?
I start crying because I know that I go out. I didn’t go out at this stage of the adventure. I didn’t want it to stop, it was unbelievable. I searched for the necklace the whole afternoon. What has annoyed me about the moment is that Sophie has not looked for any. I told him that we were in danger, but I think it lifted a weight to get out this evening. It was, perhaps, relieved, me not at all.

How was your arrival at the residence of the final jury ?
To be honest, it has not gone very well because I was not at all happy to be there. I was still in my bubble. I had a long discussion with Beatrice, we have taken the lead. She couldn’t understand why Maxim and I had voted against it. It was a bit tense. But the problem with it was mostly that I couldn’t accept my elimination and I was not especially open to discussion.

How was the return to reality ?
It was very difficult. The 15 days spent at the residence of the final jury, I have not appreciated unlike other. See disposed happen every 3 days, I replongeais in the game. I found this step very difficult. And when we returned in France it was even more complicated the return to working life. It is for this reason that 8 days after I stayed for a month and a half in Cambodia. I’ve done some trekking in the jungle, I went to see local… It was my way to extend a little my adventure. I needed it to. And yet today, I want to leave !

What has been the most hard on the camp for you : hunger, hygiene, the lack of close relatives, the fatigue ?
Until the reunification, I have not encountered any real difficulty. I find have managed rather well. The more complicated is that as soon as the adventurers spoke away from me, I was doing movies. I imagined that they wanted to vote against me. I was not well.

Have you lost weight ?
Yes, I’ve lost about 13 pounds. I very quickly resumed.

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