Brightburn : The Superman of evil in James Gunn reveals itself in a new excerpt

The films on the super-hero we offer very often to discover characters who have chosen to use their power to do good. A few exceptions exist, such as Chronicles or The Prodigies, but they remain rare.

With Brightburn : the Child of Evil, the director David Yarovesky focuses on the case of a young Superman who has obviously gone wrong. Led by James Gunn and written by Mike and Bryan Gunn, the film aims to instil an atmosphere more stressful than usual on this kind of production.

The story seems quite similar to that of Clark Kent. A baby landed in a field in Kansas where he is raised by two farmers. This time, the family Kent becomes the family Breyer and Clark became Brandon. The family Breyer could not have children, she sees a great opportunity to create a family.

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The latest trailer released we had confirmed the direction taken by the studio, showing the violent assault of a poor waitress at big shot laser beam, super-speed and superhuman strength (soul sensitive). This new clip shows the toddler has obviously no intention to stop, since he has chosen a new victim. It is a motorist stalled on the highway. With Brandon on the road, he’s not about to leave anytime soon.

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The film is expected to be on 26 June and will bring together a cast made up of Elizabeth Banks (Hunger Games), David Denman (Terror on the line) and Jackson Dunn, who will play the enfant terrible. The feature film is already ” Rated R “ (for mature) and we were really looking forward to see what this gives.