Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron : Gravity and recollection to the two French heroes

They called Cedric of Pierrepont and Alain Bertoncello. Aged 33 years and 28 years, the two commandos marine are dead, freeing of the hostages in Burkina Faso, may 10 : a French couple and an American. After a military ceremony in the intimacy, Monday 13 may 2019, a national tribute has been taking place in the courtyard of honour in the presence of the presidential couple.

As indicated by AFP, the remains of the two soldiers have crossed the Seine to 10h battery, under escort of the bikers and the applause of the crowd before joining the Invalides where the expected number of personalities such as former heads of State – Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande that Brigitte Macron, dressed in a black circumstance, greeted. Hundreds of soldiers were present as “commandos marine, special forces, as well as of the delegations of the navy and the other army corps, “says the AFP.

The two coffins were deposited in the courtyard and were connected by a “strap ” of life“, a strap used to “during their dives difficult by the combat swimmers, a patent that only have the members of the prestigious commando Hubert, which belonged to the two deceased“. They were the elite of the elite and are “dead hero, “said the president, who awarded them the Legion of honour posthumously.

Today by your death, you enter into the radiant light of the history of our country.

In his speech, Emmanuel Macron has made a glowing tribute to Cédric de Pierrepont and Alain Bertoncello : “These petty officers were soldiers outside the norm, as few armies in the world have the chance to count. (…) Today by your death, you enter into the radiant light of the history of our country.” The president emphasized that their “bravery unheard” by intervening against the kidnappers in the middle of the night “because, for them, nothing is more important than the mission, nothing is more precious than the lives of the hostages. (…) We will not give anything to fighting for which you are committed and have given your life.” Emmanuel Macron had a few words for the hostage French detained in Mali since the December 2016 : “I think Sophie Pétronin in the hands of his captors. We do not forget. Those who attack a French must know that ever our nation does not abandon his children, no matter what the circumstances and it was at the other end of the planet.

After the president’s words, the ringing for the dead and The Marseillaise rang out for the Disabled. The military song, Away from home we Africa put an end to this ceremony. The body will now be returned to the families. The funeral of Cedric of Pierrepont will be held Wednesday in the church of Larmor-Plage, in the Morbihan. Those of his companion-in-arms, Alain Bertoncello will be held Saturday at his home in Haute-Savoie. Their names will be inscribed on monuments to the dead of their common.

In the media, the families of the two fallen soldiers were reminded of their commitment and their sense of duty. Leah Latourte, military of 26 years based in Bordeaux, companion of Alain Bertoncello, for example, has told RTL that he “was aware of the dangers involved, and [that]he faced it with realism. If it were to be repeated, it referred“.