Britney Spears : Her father would be “forced to take medication”

The family of Britney Spears is torn about his placement under guardianship. Friday 10 may 2019, the singer of 37 years was presented to the court in Los Angeles, where her parents battled it out. Britney was associated with his mother, Jamie, who asked for more information on his medical treatment. She called for more freedom, she is not permitted to have a mobile phone clamshell. Her guardian is none other than his father James, who also controls his career and his finances.

Sources close to the cases have said TMZ.comon Monday 13 may 2019, that Britney had done a volte-face, telling the judge that her father, Jamie, had to admit of force in a psychiatric hospital, where she stayed for 30 days. It would have also said that her father had forced her to take drugs.

Legally, Jamie Spears does not have the power to do this to his daughter. As recalled by TMZ.coma legal guardian has not the right to force the one which it has the responsibility to take medication or to be admitted against his will. If this is proven, then the psychiatric facility where Britney was hospitalised would also be wrong.

During the hearing, the girlfriend of Sam Asghari has also asked for more liberties as to its trusteeship. She would like that it stops. Remember that this is the eleventh year that Jamie took control of her daughter’s life, since her mental breakdown in 2008. The judge has not yet ruled, but it ordered an expert to assess the mental health of Britney. Until the results are known, there will be no change of legal guardian. Case to follow.